Blumberg Advisors is an independent investment advisory firm.

This enables us to be more objective in the advice we give and the investments we make.

Client assets reside at Charles Schwab, our preferred custodian broker.

Our business model is fair and costs are kept to a minimum.

We are committed to a positive outcome for global economic growth over the long term and realize how meaningful this is for equity returns and compounded long-term portfolio growth.

We understand risk and how important it is to control it.

The aim is to protect our clients from their investment emotions and to guide them through the years to come with an intuitive, robust, simple, tax efficient investment program.


Mark Blumberg — Investment Advisor

Mark is responsible for the firm’s investment process and business development.

Prior to founding Blumberg Advisors in 2012, Mark was a portfolio manager at Blenheim Capital, a global investment firm. He was responsible for managing a financial portfolio investing in fixed income, currencies, equity indices and individual equities.

He began his professional career in South Africa, in the investment division at Eagle Insurance Company and later as a member of the Johannesburg Stock Exchange.

He moved to the USA in 1986 and has since worked in the securities division of Shearson Lehman, his own firm for 12 years and later at Newedge, the US subsidiary of Societe General and Credit Agricole.

He has over 35 years of experience in investing in equities, currencies, fixed income securities and commodities at both an institutional and individual level.

Mark has a Bachelor of Commerce (Accounting and Economics Majors) and an MBA (Finance) from the University of the Witwatersrand in Johannesburg.