Our Process

We know our clients’ individual needs, objectives and risk tolerance.We are patient long term value investors.

Our portfolios are balanced and diversified to achieve income, appreciation and protection.

Cost minimization and tax efficiency are primary objectives.

The process is opportunistic, uncomplicated, thoughtful and disciplined.

It begins with an understanding of where we are in the investment cycle, which provides the framework for finding investment value propositions. These are then used to structure investment portfolios that are fully suitable to our clients’ needs.

A value investor’s equity checklist

At our core, we are value investors. Each investment we make has to provide an acceptable and determinable risk-adjusted return on investment with a medium term horizon in mind.Asset classes that exceed our requirements, receive a higher weighting in our portfolios than those that don’t meet our standards. If equities provide a higher potential return than bonds, given where we are in the investment cycle, our allocation to equities will be higher and vice-versa.

We do not subscribe to standardized asset allocations that disregard the relative value of each asset.

If we cannot find the required returns in our investment universe, then cash will receive a higher weighting in our portfolios