I. Personalized Investment and Portfolio Advice

Customized portfolios to meet the individual needs of our clients.

Examples would include:

  • A retired New York resident who wants a portfolio comprised mainly of triple tax-free New York Municipal securities.
  • A portfolio being structured specifically to meet a child’s college fund.
  • An existing portfolio with high capital gains, that needs to be managed around the constraints of realizing punitive taxes.
  • A portfolio designed to invest only in companies that exhibit social and environmental responsibility.
  • An opportunistic portfolio designed to invest in a particularly attractive industry or sector.

II. Managed Portfolio Program

A choice of a standardized portfolios that are indexed to one of three proprietary indices.

Clients are assigned to one of the following three strategies based on their individual level of risk tolerance.

  • ONE: 100% S&P 500 TRI (Total Return Index)
    This strategy is suggested for high net worth individuals. This strategy has an audited track record from 2008.
  • TWO: 75% S&P 500 TRI / 25% Aggregate Bond Index
  • THREE: 50% S&P 500 TRI / 50% Aggregate Bond Index

All reporting on portfolio performance is done relative to the benchmark index. This enables the client to monitor the advisor effectively.


The custodian for client assets is Charles Schwab & Co.
This provides our clients with industry leading:

  • Security that their assets are safe.
  • Web access, record keeping and reports.

Clients receive our monthly newsletter, Where We Stand and comprehensive quarterly performance updates.
Opening accounts, depositing and withdrawing funds and terminating the advisory relationship is done with ease. There are no restrictions.

The advisor receives a management fee, that reduces as assets under management grow. Our fees are at the lower end of industry norms. The advisor does not earn brokerage commissions or performance fees.